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Thread: Is something changed in the game system?

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    Is something changed in the game system?

    I have started losing weirdly, normally i won with ND every team + i played always with 30% health, just always i won even better teams.

    At the last season and this season , i just cant win even a lot sucker team. Normally ND beats always 4-4-2 but now i lose against it always.


    Is health more important than before in the seasons?

    Are they changed wing players to more importanter role against formation witch doesnt have wings like ND?
    (because before wings didnt do nothing)

    It looks like that the formations and tactics post doesnt exist no more?

    And is there something else changed?

    Or is the reason that i bought tokens a lot before in the seasons , so they turned the game system something that makes me win more ; for making me happy and buying more tokens..
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