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Thread: Few questions that I can't get the answer.

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    Few questions that I can't get the answer.

    1) What time is base the servers? because if I want to pay 5 red packs for an injured player but the (1 days left) finish in 1 hour, It would be kinda lame! Somebody know?

    2) How do you know how many servers there is and on which one you are?

    3) Which is the highest league at the moment? we are at season 41 or 42, but is there a league 41? What kind of players there is at that level?

    Renzoken Fc - Canadian team

    Season: 1--2--3--4--5--6
    Level: 1--2--3--4--5--6
    Position: 1--1--2--3--2

    CL ½ level: 2
    Cl 1/8 level: 3,4,5
    Cup1/8 level: 3,4

    Patriotes Qc - Old T35 league

    Season: 1--2--3
    Level: 1--2--3

    CL Finalist level: 2
    Cup Winner level: 2
    Cup 1/8 level: 1

    T35Warriors - New T35 league

    Season 1 - League 1 - League (on going)

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    1) 9:20 EST
    2) We don't know how many servers there are. Many, many.. Out of your friends list whoever you see in friends fixtures is on your server. If you meet someone on forums, you would have to add them as a friend first to see if they are on your server. See my recent suggestion
    3) I have seen few posters on here who have started the game in the 1st or 2nd season. I think their 5* player would be around 220-225 quality..