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Thread: Friendlies

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    Firstly, I play t11 on iPhone 4S.

    I woke this morning to find one of my friends had arranged a friendly with me without asking. Before anyone asks, its one of my friends not just someone who likes to add people cos I don't befriend anyone I don't know on t11.

    I never got a notification about it even though I have them turned on. I just think we should get a notification about friendlies basically asking if ya want to accept or decline it? Now my players are tired for today's games.

    I just think little things like this can spoil a great and addictive game.

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    It is annoying indeed, but a 'fix' has been announced, most likely to be implemented next season (though it wouldnt surprise me if they postpone it...)

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    Inbox all your friends and tell them not to arrange a friendly game unless they inbox you 1st to ask if it's ok, and you reply yes !!!!!! If you don't reply they shouldn't arrange one !!!!!!!!!!!
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