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Thread: Fixture times

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    Fixture times

    Some of you will probably say that this belongs in the Vent thread, but I don't give a crap. 2 weeks ago Nordeus made a big and long awaited promise to address the problem with friendly matches and the time between matches in general.

    Looking at the description of the still to come solution, I see it more as a coincidence that friendlies are affected by it, just because they are matches and will too need to have a reasonable time in between. But anyway, friendly matches aren't the subject of this thread - I'm just explaining why you should get the impression that the match scheduling problem is a priority. Now, with that said ... how convenient is it that they announced the "fix", but it is still not released:

    Fixture times-times.jpg

    I mean ... ARE YOU F'in KIDDING ME?!

    Every single season so far there's been a round where you have 2 away matches that are 15 minutes apart (again, how convenient ...). But 4 days in a row - I wouldn't care if they were all home matches, do you seriously expect me to reschedule all of them?!
    I barely made it on the yellow instead of red through this round and oh, a surprise - I can only regain 30% of condition in time for the next match, AND THEN HAVE ANOTHER ONE IN 10 MINUTES!

    And then the day after.
    And then the day after.
    And I'm not exactly looking forward to the times for next round of the CL and the eventual next one in the Cup, if you know what I mean ...
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    Looks like they really want your credit card number...
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    Same for everyone.

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    Just played my 2 consecutive matches, and fortunately I won without injured.

    Saturday have another 2 consecutive matches. They will stop when realize that they will never see my cred card
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    I had these in the past. The closest it got was 7-8 minutes in between matches. It was yesterday i think. Came through with two injured players!