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Thread: life after the death of free booster packs???

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    life after the death of free booster packs???

    Before I start, id just like to say that this thread doesn't need people saying "I never got any free booster packs anyway" lol. Were all aware of this, feel free to make a valid contribution though!

    I thought the death of free booster packs spelled the end of t11 for me, I was planning on finishing the season im on and then leaving, thought it would be to much hassle to be a non token buyer and still compete.My personal opinion is that its not all that bad, yeh its a pain having to play friendlies to gain more packs but im finding it a workable situation now.

    How is everyone else dealing with it, you buying more booster packs? any tips on gaining more packs feel free to share them. The extra ones ive noticed, that can be gained through friendlies are......

    1 extra red pack for "fair play" - no yellow or red cards during the game

    1 extra blue pack for dominating the game - dominating possession and scoring a lot of goals

    Any more, above the standard ones you get for playing friendlies??

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    I get one each a day from my friends , only play 1 League game every other day , then I have 2 games the next with CL , I rotate my players (full Squad) . They seem to have plenty of time for rest . Morale is good as they get games, injuries have not been a problem so far I have 2 players out 4/5 days as we speak .they are just riding it out , always make a sub in game to get rest. Its not been too hard (yet) lol
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    well, i get one a day from a mate and then hope that i dont get a player booked in my games. i also receive 3 every 4 days from my hospital thing.

    if i get very desperate ill just buy some with my tokens as ive got loads to spare
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    Doesn't apply to my main account. I still get free boosters, but on my secondary account i only get the cash bundle option.

    Basically, im not effected (just thought id share lol)

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    I seem to be getting lucky, because whenever i have 2 matches in the same day, they're separated by enought time to the team recover 15%, and/or one is a tought match and the other is an easy one. So, team rotation, substitutions ingame, and a couple of rest packs (by friend and matches) have been enough to allow me to play with good condition (> 90%, at least, most times above 95%).
    Tomorrow i have a match at 9am(local time), and the following at 17h. So, plenty of time to recover recover a bit. Using the 3 substitutions i can spare some of the players, giving them time to fully recover, and perhaps spend a couple of boosters on 2 or 3 that get in worst condition. Unfortunatly i can't do much of a player rotation, as both games are very important (last game of CL's stage group and the morning match is against one of the top teams in the league).