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Thread: New player struggling. Would love some guidance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Scrivener View Post
    and your point Is ??????
    The point is that most of your posts on here are pointless, you're not contributing anything to this thread.
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    I don't claim to be a Top Eleven expert but, if anyone would like advice, please don't hesitate to contact me through 'private messaging', I try to reply as soon as possible.

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    Don't .... feed .... the ... TROLL.

    Anyhoo, experiment a lot in your first season and see what works best for you. You'll always end up changing formation, tactics and players as the seasons progress .. so I wouldn't worry too much at the start if you're not doing too well.
    My best advice though is to make sure you have a very good GK and striker for your level, makes a huge difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sxrenity View Post
    The point is that most of your posts on here are pointless, you're not contributing anything to this thread.
    I'm sorry you are correct maybe I should contribute and make my point clearer....

    At least I should have welcomed Stiggy to the forum ( lost my manners ) . so welcome Stiggy I found the post full of abbreviation formation's a little boring, Maybe a snapshot of your team, would have been better ( for me). There is a great guide on the forum of how to do this. Your enthusiasm to the game needs applauding there is a lot more to it than you 1st think, and making decisions about your team , and watching them develop under your management skills, is the fun part. Nothing wrong in asking for help to develop these skills either, however there is no magic formula ( as far as I know ) to win every game. everyone of us has their own opinion how to develop ones team. Trial and error is part of the fun not tell me the best thing to do, It is down to you to manage your own team. ( harsh but true) .

    As far as the comments made to me ?? If you guy's want to flirt ( you know I'm a guy right) ?? thats up to you .

    Stiggy post your snapshot in Team Showcase. would love to see it, and help with any problems you may have with the game . I know some on here relish the chance to manage your team. I for one don't want to I will leave that fun part upto you .

    Thank you and again sorry for my manners
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    The auction lets you find a balanced player. The position is one part, the quality is one, the skill set is one, the age is one and the specialization is another. You will want a good quality player that fills the position with a specialty like free kicker. If he is young then you will want an old backup that is cheap and more balanced. If the principle is old, then you will want a young one that you can train like crazy! You can pick up old free agents as backups at any time so you should have one slot free or be ready to cut someone or sell a backup that is appealing. Can't sell someone who is just another old player.
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    go for:

    2 GK
    2 DC/DR
    2 DC/DL
    1 DC/DMC
    1 MR/DML
    1 ML/DML
    1 AML/AMC
    1 AMR/AMC
    4 MC
    3 ST

    That is 18 players. You are allowed 4 more. Base the other 4 players on the formations you tend to play. If you tend to play with 4 defenders, get another 2. If you tend to play with 2 ST, get another ST. If you use the butterfly, get more AML, AMR, DML and DMR.

    Also, MC and ST tend to not have multiple positions.

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