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Thread: can i cancel building ..?

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    can i cancel building ..?

    Pls help , i am a new player the first thing i did : i built a new stadium -_- it will take 16 days so i am won't be able to build any thing else . Is there's a way to cancel it ?

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    When you expand the stadium, build the seat upgrades. First the small, then the medium, then the large and then do the stadium. You will spend the same amount of money, it will still take 16 days to expand the stadium, but you can also stop the stadium upgrade to upgrade something else. You also get to take advantage of the increased seats to make money through ticket sales after each seat upgrade.

    After each seat upgrade is completed, the cost and length of time for the other seat/stadium upgrade is decreased.

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    You're a new player, mistakes at this stage are not serious but will teach you lessons for the future. As you already know, building the stadium takes a long time, so you should look at building something else first. Then try to make sense of what tarcanes wrote, he might be trying to say something useful. But look at youth facilities, medical facilities and all the rest, each facility has it's part to play.