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Thread: Racial prejudice: My retort

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    Racial prejudice: My retort

    Seeing as the thread about my "racist" slur was closed before i got my say on the matter i would like to apologize publicly to the forum member here. However i am not apologizing for making racist remarks as my comment was against the users nationality, i do not know his race and even if i did i would still have made the comment about his nationality.

    The reason behind my comments were due to the forum member being insulting, belittling and general "smart" comments across the forum, which annoyed me.

    However id like to point out that the moderation needs some consistency on this forum. Earlier this year i was banned for a week for likening the admin to adolf hitler, i have just received a verbal warning for a supposed "racist/nationality" remark. I for one think that a racist (even though it wasnt) remark would carry a more lengthy ban than a personal insult! I would also like to know if anyone has received warnings for racial/nationality derogatory stereotyping, ive seen a wholelot of that on this forum!

    Again, accept my whole hearted apology for my infraction


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    Discussing moderation is against the rules of the forums.

    Do not discuss or debate the moderation of the Forums or the Rules of Conduct.
    Thread closed.