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Thread: Detailed Questions and Thoughts

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    Detailed Questions and Thoughts

    Hi guys!

    I have been playing TP now for one and a half seasons. Its fun and I have learned the most important things about it conecerning tactics etc. Still I have a lot of questions left, I dont even know where to start. Maybe some of you have already had them answered so you could help me or just join the discussion!
    I will try to keep it structured, this way I cann add questions and put the answers right into it, so maybe I can some day post into the guide section

    I. Team
    1. Players&Training
    a) Specialty's
    Q: How much do specialtys affect the skill of a player?
    i.e. If I have a goalkeeper, is it beeter to just train him the "normal way" by putting points into Def/Att/Fit&Ment or do I want him to learn a speciality such as "1 versus 1 stopper"?
    b)How to distribute Skill-Points
    Q: Which is the best ratio to distribute the skill points for the different Players (GK, Def, Mit, Att)? Is it better to focus or balance, whcih is the best balance?
    i.e. Should I give a Gk just all his points into Def? If I have a Defender it would be useful for him to have some passing skills, or for the Striker to have a good Headingrating. But I often see player put all their points into one category...
    c)Developement of Players
    Q: What elements do affect the training outcome of a player, besides age?
    I have heard that the price on the transfermarket is an indicator how fast the player will gain new skillpoints. I saw a 4,5mill midfielder on the transfermarekt the other day, so that must mean he gets points really fast, maybe twice as quick as a 2mill midfielder the same age? Can that really be true?
    Also, does the moral influence the skill point gaining in anyway? And does the performance on the pitch (besides the best player of the match extra point)?

    2. Tactics
    1. Freekicks and Cornerkicks
    Q: Does the Foot of the Player affect the his skill for taking Free- and Cornerkicks?
    i.e. if I have a specialist in freekicks and he is left footed but I also let him shoot from the right side, does it lower his skill?
    2. Team Captain
    Q: What effect does the Captain have?
    Is there any? If I would use common sense, I would either take the best player or the oldest... Does it affect him or the team in any way? For example if the captain is NOT playing, does it lower the moral of the rest of the team?

    3. Transfermarket
    1. Selling a Player
    Q: Besides the $$ do I get tokens for selling a player?
    If yes, how many? As many as the buyers all together spent or just the winner or just one simple token?
    Buying a Player
    Q: Against who do I compete?
    I saw, that there were Managers two levels higher than me bidding on a player. Is there a limit, or is it just free for all?

    4. Stadium & Constructions
    1. Effects of the Buildings
    a) Lights
    Q. Do they have a relevant effect?
    b) Screen
    Q: Does it have a relevant effect?

    Thats it for now. Sorry for my gramma mistakes! I hope some of you can help me with these questions. But just discussing them would be great, too! If you have questions that go into detail, such as the ones as mine, be happy to post them here, so maybe we can do a "Detailed/Nerdy asked Questions"

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    these two should help

    1. skills help a bit, but since it takes 50pts to build a skill, most people would prefer to build atk/def/mentality stats. if you want skills, only put skills on young players who train good.

    2. I personally don't let the "weakest skill" lag too far behind, maybe at most 6pts behind.

    3. yes, I can attest to that having bought a few youth players myself. I was noob, and last season I bought two 18yr olds, the 350k value one trains even slower than my 26yr old (a default guy that came with the team), the one worth 950k gets like double the stated average of each training.

    now the cheaper one has grown to be worth 480k, but the expensive one is now worth 1.5m. really. cheaper one grew by went from 18-20, the expensive one went 19 to 25 in 1 season. the gap is minor initially, but grows exponentially.

    4. not sure myself, my free kickers are "either" footed lol.

    5. I dunno what captain does exactly. don't think anyone knows too.

    6. you don't get tokens until you hit lvl 4 manager and use negotiations. auctions don't get u tokens.

    7. the limit is 3-5stars I think. so a 4star player to you is = 3star player to a manager 1 lvl higher and he can also buy. someone 4lvls up would not be fighting for that player. same for "high skilled players", my friend has a player on sale, but he's a lvl 5 manager and his player appears as 7stars to me, I can't bid.

    8. lights, screen have no effect, just look pretty i guess. building effects are covered in the guides posted earlier.

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    Yeah I bought cheap players as well and thought, "Im a genius" but there had to be a downside to it
    Well I really want a midfielder of mine to become a dribbler. Im a level 2 Manager, the players age is 18 and Quality is 30 with 6 stars, He is quite my best player. But I dont know if I sould push him to 35 till the end of the season or get him the dribble-skill...he is ML and DML...

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    For the lights and screen, they have no effect, but you must upgrade them to upgrade other buildings.

    For that player, I would not train him to be a dribbler, because he's more of a defensive player.
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