can anyone tell me how to cancel my game registration, im sick of the shit this game produces time and time again, then the sad fucks who defend the makers of this shite, im level 7 now and am totally sick of the shit these games produce, another home defeat, my 6th now if any1 has read my past post, again against a lower quality side, 60-40 possession i had, 10 corners to 1, and guess wen they scored, yes that 1 corner, and a poor 33 quality player, i´ve had enough, if your watchin nordous or watever ur called please cancel my team, the more u comment on here they make u lose and thats fact, sick 2 the back teeth of shite, the most realistic game, hahahahah bullshit, ya think man utd wud lose 6 at home 2 far lesser quality teams, never in 7 seasons, so again delete my details, shite game.