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Thread: Cash & Pack Vids on FB

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    I got an amazing 3 videos today.... Three!
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    This don't have anything to do with browser, like July said, is because there are no offers
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    The vids have gradually been slowing down over the past week.

    The reason you don't see as many now is because Nordeus will be monitoring their token sales. With the free vids they'll have noticed token sales drop. So they've over the last week been slowly decreasing the amount of videos you can watch per day. I know I've been on daily using them to power train players, so I have noticed it.

    So they first introduced a limit, remember the earn more button that didn't used to be there at the start. After a while you'll run up your earn mores. They'll have been watching token sales, and noticed they've went up again. So they'll now be adjusting it so that video revenue vs token sales is at an optimal. So expect vids per day to go up and down over time, before getting steady.

    Myself, I think it's greed. Give with one hand, and take away with the other. So as someone who's invested a lot of paid tokens in his team, I am now vouching to never spend another penny on this game.. No doubt they'll deny their greed, but I for one don't buy it..

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    I don't have those videos long time ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by dv8r View Post
    Not been able to watch any videos today... They didn't appear and I need rest packs
    Was able to view 2 or 3 videos per day, usually to get rest packs when I was back in S'pore.
    Over in Indon (Jkt), no video at all.
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    i'm from malaysia no offer here i think most of the offer is in us and uk >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir arthur View Post
    i'm from malaysia no offer here i think most of the offer is in us and uk >.<
    A while ago, I had the Disney offer, and then more recently some 2012 music video.
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    Same here. One video per day only. Videos appears every 8-15 days, until you claim your gift. Then gone again for 8-15 days.
    Maybe we are NOT all equal under the sun!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Accyrover View Post
    Anyone else having problems with the above.
    Up until three days ago I could get as much cash and packs as I wanted.
    One day alone watched 50 vids in 3 hours.

    Now it plays two and after claiming the rewards it shuts down, on the odd occasion I've got it back after maybe 6 hours onlt to do the same again.

    Cleared cach, cookies, add blockers off, third party cookies allowed.

    how can you get token and paqcks for watching vids?

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    On the FB site for Tll but they have been reduced to a couple a day for the last week and some days none at all.
    Good while it lasted.
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