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Thread: Started training player in the wrong position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magic3 View Post
    I think that offer is real but I didn't do it because I just didn't want my credit card info to be saved with the facebook account.

    As for how far you can go, I have not spend any money on this game. I farmed tokens with videos on my main account and I have no problems winning the league every season so far (season 7). With my sub account (level 5) I play with 35 tokens per season and I am always top 3, won last year and up 5 points at the moment. But the main thing is your server and luck of the draw. I haven't had token buyers in my leagues yet, only in Champions League and Cup.
    Magic3, you are lucky to not have had Tommys in your leagues. I have had them in 3 of my seasons and needless to say, those are the ones I came in 2nd/3rd.

    @StrataMartin: My only advice on spending. once you start down that road it is very easy to just say:"just another $10 for a few more tokens...I really want that player!" I stopped spending 2 seasons ago and have not had any issues. I am still fielding a very good competitive team and am currently 2nd in this seasons league behind the token buyer.

    Meditate on this young grasshopper: spend your time or spend your money on this game. You will not be successful without one or both.

    (the things you find in fortune cookies these days...)

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    Actually I would prefer to have some competition. In the Champions League I am playing against the guy with his first XI all 9* and all players but GK and ST have 3 positions. Somehow I managed 1-1 away, I still think I have very little chance to go through but I guess I have a better chance than 2 days ago. With that said, I wouldn't want someone like that in my league but someone who is spending some 20-30 euros per month would be welcomed.

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