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Thread: The most disappointing team on T11!!!!!

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    The most disappointing team on T11!!!!!


    I'm in the third season as manager of my team Borgo Viola FC. Here it is my 22 players; I've added their age and their exact skill

    The most disappointing team on T11!!!!!-rosa.jpg

    I've finished the previous two seasons with the following scores:

    1st Season: 1st level3rd (I had lost the final game; if it was won, I were champion Winner

    2nd Season: 2nd level 4th, even if my team was far better than the 2nd and 3rd Semi final Qualifying Round

    Actually, in the third season, third level, here it is my league:

    The most disappointing team on T11!!!!!-classifica.jpg

    and, there are the teams which are actually in a better league position:

    The most disappointing team on T11!!!!!-boubou.jpgThe most disappointing team on T11!!!!!-chateau.jpgThe most disappointing team on T11!!!!!-evil.jpgThe most disappointing team on T11!!!!!-karim-dzeko.jpg

    As you see, I've many draws, and also four defeats, often happened with far worse teams. I know that, as we say in Italy, ball is round, so it can roll everywhere, but I can't understand why the first team in my league, which is, more or less, at the same quality level than me, doesn't ever lose any match and hardly draws (the same happened also on former season). I tried, on some matches, also to use the suggestions on defeating certain tactics with some others, but hardly worked.

    I'm asking your suggestions about the better formation for my team. My thought was to build my own tactic as

    -- DC DC DC --
    DMR -- -- -- DML
    -- MC -- MC --
    -- -- AMC -- --
    -- ST -- ST --

    but I have to change my best DMC to DMR; have you any other ideas?

    Secondly, I had to change three players (a DML/ML, a MC, a MC/MR); they were young and the left flanker was also a 4* (26), but they collected very bad evaluations and I thought they were not so good (for example, the ML got only two evaluations over "6" in 13 matches, collecting often "5" and once also "3"): right move? How can we evaluate the performance of a player during the match, in order to decide to replace or not him?

    Them, until now I used to train hard the players, usually performing once all the types of training, playing matches with an health of 50/60%: could it explain this fault? What is the better health percentage to play matches, and how often should I train my players?

    I also used to give prizes for the victory, but also this hasn't worked often, also during my return leg of Champions 1/8 final, where I was kicked off by a far weaker team (0-0 away, 2-2 home). What do you think?

    Finally, even if I have good strikers, they strike a lot, but score very can I improve it?

    Let me see your suggestions!

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    Try and play your matches at health around 90%+ then you should be winning more matches, usually train players once matches are completed and work out the level of health you need before the next game, when you played your 1 or 2 matches, and you have 18 hours to the next, train all your players down to around 60% health, and the +5 rest every 3 hours will bring them back to 90% again.

    I would also suggest you buy better goalkeeper and better midfielders.
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    your team look pretty good, I think you should be on a better position, try to play with full condition, moral and also you can give to them win bonus .
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    Replace the 3* players, I wouldn't accept anything under 4 stars, my whole squad is 5* actually, except for my second choice keeper, I usually keep my first choice from last season.

    Make sure to have condition close to 99% for every match, morale must be green.
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