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Thread: I need your help for win the league

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    I need your help for win the league

    Tomorrow play with the leader of my league, only 2 points of different, i need the victory

    I play in home

    Level 8 i have a team of 59,6 and the othr team 68,9

    First image my team,second image the leader

    Tactics for my team?

    I need your help for win the league-3.jpgI need your help for win the league-2.jpgI need your help for win the league-1.jpg

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    This is very tough. Almost the equivalent of someone coming on to the forum and asking for advice of how to beat my team. Since my team is around about the same quality of this guy and I often play the formation in question (Known as the dandelion)

    4-4-2 classic does okay against it and gets the odd result now and again. 4-5-1 V is not an option because you do not have AML/AMR and by the looks of it 4-1-4-1 maybe your best choice of formations with red arrows on ML/MR with defensive/counter attacking strategy to begin the game and the longer the game stays tight, you could always go for it in the second half, don't blame me if you don't win though, he has a much stronger team than you. All else I can say is... Good Luck!
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    Use 4 1 4 1 ))

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    you need to win so i think 3n-1-4-2. red arrows on ML,MR. with defensive/counter attack... its just my opinion
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    AVOID 3-1-4-2, it just isn't good. I got pressured every time i faced the dandelion using 3-1-4-2, and i just wont the cl dominating a 3W-1-4-2 using the dandelion.

    In your case, i'd use 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-3W-2 but DON'T go defensive or else he will overwhelm you. Use an aggresive setup with normal mentality, full pitch pressing, hard tackling and counter on. red arrows on your lone ST, MR/ML.