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Thread: Right foot, left foot or both ? (question for a Nordeus developper)

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    Right foot, left foot or both ? (question for a Nordeus developper)

    Hello !

    I would like to know if the foot is important when we have to choose a player.
    Actually I choose a left foot player for ML, a right foot for MR, and both for ST. Also my corner kickers are left foot for the left side, and right foot for the right side. Same thing for free-kicks. But all that is important, or not ?
    I would like to know what is true, or not.
    It will be great if someone of Nordeus can give me this information.

    Best regards,

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    I don't think that any developer or Nordeus Manager will give you a clear answer on this question. Some say that it's important to place right foots to right, left foots to left, while others say it's not important.

    Personally I think it's not important, my players are playing awesome, my left foot AMR is scoring many goals and he passes often. If you can't decide, just buy players which are able to shoot with both foots.