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Thread: 18 years with skills

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    18 years with skills

    I've thought about one thing in the transfer zone. 18 years with skill players, where do they come from and who sells them? The first few seasons, I thought that I surely be offered this category of players when upgraded youth academy to level 10th But still in season 17, there will never arrive a talent with skills.

    So help me straighten this topic so I can sleep well
    Does anyone have any idea where they come from, and who might want to sell them?

    I know some players practice "farming", but first of all you have to get a 18 year old talent and then you have train him which takes time.


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    If skill players means special abilities then no, the academy never provides players with special abilities. I got one of the Nordeus gens this morning ML-AML Shadow Striker 18 years old, fast trainer, the most expensive yet 59 million, quality 79 but you don't see this often. Nordeus gens are the best trainers. Trust me, if you have the right player, the boosts needed and the time you can add him a special ability in less than 24 hours.
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