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Thread: Bidding 1 hour wait

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    Bidding 1 hour wait

    Why is it that there is often a 1 hour wait for 5 star players? When I come back in 50 minutes after leaving Top 11 they are gone, and I have another long wait.

    But here's the odd thing...

    ...between each player there is only about a 3 minute wait.

    So it goes...

    53 mins

    56 mins

    1hr 3mins

    ...between the 5 star players after the hour is up. Which means that I should really only have a 3 minute wait right now.

    If there is a 3 minute wait after each hour, where are the 3 minute wait times now? And if I log off why can't I come back for those players next time?
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    You need to save them to your favs then they will be there when you return, maybe they come along every 1 hour coz they are high premium!
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