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Thread: Free gifters...

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    Free gifters...

    Feel free to add me and I will gift you items... ...Or leave your email address below for others to add you as well!

    Let's start a gifting ring, I will gift Skill Points, I'm looking for people to gift Rests, Morales and Treatments, Thank you in advance!

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    You can check out here. Once you have enough friends, you may not need to indicate what you want any more. They altogether should be able to give you the 4 packs.
    Add some friends

    Another way is to add friends from your transfer market. A few tips:
    1/ Try adding people below ur level so to reduce chance of friendly matches initiated by them
    2/ Remove friends that arrange unwanted friendly matches
    3/ Avoid arranging unwanted friendly matches with friends unless it's mutually agreed or scheduled at least few hours in advance
    4/ Gift friends often (daily if possible)
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