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Thread: The Great Deal Thread

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    Post The Great Deal Thread


    I think it's quite interesting to see people getting great players for a low amount of Tokens. Please post your lucky deals or your great deals in this thread, just for fun. You can also just show-off with your players you have bought. And if you want you can also add some more information about the player you have bought, as example if he is training really fast or something like that.

    Here's a random deal, I think for 2 Token this players is just awesome. He's a free player without a team and worth 2.44M.

    That player is a really, really fast trainer. I think he's probably training on the maximum speed, like my other maximum speed trainer.

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    1, it's 3 TK not 2
    2. this is absolutly great deal. for a level 3 player, 2.44m mean 20TK you make a great profit
    3. i have once but i spent 2TK for 1.06m player. good deal but not comparable to yours
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    I once got Espinosa for 250k (AML)with 4 stars and only 1token, I also had two 5 star (MC/MR)players, 18 years old and very fast trainers for 3million and 1 token each!
    Espinosa was my top scorer every season till he retired!