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Thread: hi ripped off by token sistems

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    hi ripped off by token sistems

    hi guys i dont know on wich server i am but ive bought around 80$ of tokens and ive been ripped off by people who i dont know if the play with hack or not in the last month ive auctioned 4 5 players all over 50 tokens each player what happend its a lot of tokens to spend on some players think about it 50 tokens are almost 2 seasons of tv rights..i dont know about you guys but i think im ripped off by money in other games if i spend 80$ i get something usefull for that..what can we do about this thing...i cant spend all my money so others can hack this game and make me spend all my tokens!!!!! I Want to talk to the man in charge of topeleven!!!

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    do you speak monkey? Because thats who is in charge of T11. They have a bunch of monkeys battering away at keyboards hoping they can code the game properly. They have it setup to suck as many tokens as possible, which is perfectly ok to all the people on here it seems. They need more people to stop buying tokens. I hope you learned your lesson, but its tough because you dropped $80 and didnt get much for it.

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    Hello Wizard_Ro,

    I'm sorry you weren't able to get most out of your tokens. I can assure you that there are no working hacks for Top Eleven and that other players couldn't have abused such an exploit against you.
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    For starters they need to make it simply 1 token to enter a bidding war for a player then you start to bid cash. 1 token for every bid is a Joke to be honest. This amongst many other ways they decide to force you into getting some. Id rather not quit before someone says it as I enjoy the game, just a bit over priced right now.