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Thread: Annoying loss.

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    Annoying loss.

    So this season so far..
    lost both games legs of the cup 1-0 wasn't to bothered.
    Won my first cl + league game 4-1

    Lost today 4-1.

    Scored in the first minute had a 20% possession advantage I was only the supporter they were home.
    had 13 shots 5 on target they had 1 not on target nothing at all changed they weren't watching the game.
    All of a sudden they had attack after attack after attack never seen this before where I have a big advantage in a match then all of a sudden the other team goes on a never ending attacking spree seen this in all 3 of the games outside of the cup.
    there team 7 quality weaker. had 2 2* strikers vs my 6* goalie and 5star defense.. somehow they finished on 12 shots 5 on target somehow 4 of them went in? yet I had 18 shots 10 on target 1 went in? with my 34 quality player..
    2 of the goals were penaltys which occurred with the exact same message 'fowled on the edge of the box' 1minute after each other..

    Yesterday my league game dominated it even more had a 30% more possession guy didn't watch I went on attack attack attack think at the end I had 22 shots 16 on target mid way through I had about 17 he had about 2. then all of a sudden attack attack attack nothing changed in tactics on ethier side
    somehow the guy had managed to go from 2 shots to 16 and in that time considering I had a much stronger attacking formation I went up 1 shot.. didn't go down in possession ethier.. funny thing is none of his attacks were counter attacks..

    Yet on my second account which I have barely touched just go on to collect the daily token and change the squad if someones injured he won 7-0 and 4-0 in his cup vs a 7 quality stronger team an active manager . won his champion league game 10-0 vs again a stronger team active manager and won his first league game 6-0 vs a similar quality team active manager..

    iknow its early season but that's pretty big piss take.
    + ive never lost by 4-1 in all my seasons even vs teams with 15 quality more than me..

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    It's a huge disappointment but don't let it get you down. At least this early in the season there's plenty of time to improve, and get your revenge in the return match.