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Thread: penalties reducing fitness...

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    penalties reducing fitness...

    So this happened last season. Played a friendly vs my second team put reserves both teams had over 95 fitness on all players game went into extra time 0-0 i checked before game ended all my squad were at about 80-85 penalties occured we won 3-2 my entire squad are at 30-40 ......... the other team all green
    My reserves had better fitness stats than my other team so someone pls explain this..

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    If your second account has less quality they have to work harder to compete in the game, thus they lose more condition, this happened when I played my main account against Troll City or my sandbag teams.
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    That's the first I've seen about a lower quality team working harder to compete.
    It makes sense, but I wonder how much effect it has on performance and fatigue?
    And if the underdogs win, do they get a morale boost?

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