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Thread: Nordeus scout player sucks !!! Dony buy scout players !!! believe me ;)

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    Jul 2013

    Nordeus scout player sucks !!! Dony buy scout players !!! believe me ;)

    Hi guys,

    This season my plan was to buy some scout playsers from the market to make my squad stronger.
    But something goes wrong.

    I bought,
    1 Striker 54 Quality = 50 Token
    1 Striker 52 Quality = 50 Token
    1 Goalie 53 Quality = 50 Token
    1 DC 54 Quality = 50 Token
    ....And more then 20 Millions ....

    After 5-6 matches only my new DC has good stats. He play always 7. Sometimes 8.

    The other players are crap. really crap.
    One of my strikers plays only with a result of 5 or 6 (rarely 7) ??? He has no goals after 4 played matched.
    My 2nd striker was not better. 6 Matches played and only 1 goal. The keeper of the oppsite teams are mostly lesser then 4-5 stars
    i cant believe that. They miss always the goal. in situation with a 100% Goal change they cant hit the target. After a counter attack , on an emptly goal and they miss always ....
    Freekicks are horrible too.

    My Goalie is legendary He get goals from players with 1-3 Stars lesser.
    They shoot one time from the distance and get a goal.
    My players are trying to shoot, and always somebody blocks the ball or as i said before, they miss the target.
    how can that be ?
    4 scout players and 3 of them are useless.

    Just fore example, my CL game for today. Opponent quality 36 / My team 45
    Nordeus scout player sucks !!! Dony buy scout players !!! believe me ;)-stat.jpg Nordeus scout player sucks !!! Dony buy scout players !!! believe me ;)-playerstat.jpg

    As you can see, i choise the right formation for 4-4-2.
    And yes, one of the goals was a distance goal.... really great keeper ....
    I forgot to say, my opponet did not watched the game.
    i and my friend watched it... so ball possession +10

    First time i spend so much money for players and they are really really really bad.

    Where is the statistic list for the scout players?
    Normally you should know on which form the player is.

    I dont know what to do now ...

    Any ideas ?

    PS: sry for my mistakes, i was to angry to check my text.
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    My scout DL just scored 5 goals and got an assist in my 2nd CL game ... I guess some turn out well, some don't.

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    so buying scout players is like a lottery... this is not fair.

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    Agree.. My last scout player result 5-4-3.
    I will not buy scout player again!
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    Ive had 2, first was a defender who was pretty decent, rated well lasted for about 3 seasons (I bought him n the second season) and the other was a striker, bought in level 3, lasted 5 seasons and was superb, lowest he rated was a 7 and averaged about a goal a game throughout the time I had him.

    It really is a lottery. tbh I wouldn't buy another one now as its probably more worth while to buy a decent young player n spend 50 tokens on green packs to PT
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    Just depends on the player.

    My scout ST that I purchased last season scored 32 goals in 32 games. Also had 22 assists and 12 MOM awards. He also led my team as we became cup champions.

    So, it can go both ways.
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    another narrowdiamond foramtion losing to a 4-4-2classic. Again, the gameengine probably was changed and the narrowdiamond doesnt dominate the 4-4-2 anymore. that is probably the issue
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    I've bought a lot of players from MR.SCOUT over plenty of time and most of the players I have bought have performed well most games and often give 7 ratings if you ask me I think scouts are good players especially if your team is full of scouts.
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    i buy 2 or if feeling flush 3 scouts per season all have performed very well .
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    Raise their physical attributes, and do not raise their morale with boosters. They'll take some time, but will perform way better.

    Also remember that taking scouts in at half or past season's start usually make them perform poorly.
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