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Thread: 50 tokens down the drain...

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    I had the same problem with a scout GK.
    After half season of very bad rates he started to perform very well.

    Anyway, consider that GK ratings are different from the other players.
    You can win 6-0 and the rate can be 5 just because he had nothing to do
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    Quote Originally Posted by itayfranko View Post
    second, a player that plays that bad, will keep performing this way throughout the season (with an occasional 7-8).only next season will he perform a little better.
    O great wise one, bequeath me all thine wisdom of t11, and a winning lottery ticket please. If you can tell that a player will keep performing a certain way throughout the season, then I want the winning lottery numbers from you. I dont care how many seasons/years you have been playin, nobody can predict this dumb game engine.

    The only thing predictable about this game engine is its unpredictability. How is that for a supportive attitude?

    @Haroon Bhatti: If I were his mother, I wouldnt let him play this game so much...he forgets to do his chores and his room is a mess!

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