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Thread: Fitness stat

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    Fitness stat

    Hi all,

    Has anyone checked how Physical stats (primarily fitness) effect condition when it comes to playing matches, and most of all training.


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    I have 4 teams and have noticed that some of the players that get injured have fitness number below their overall number. I have jacked all my fitness up as a result.
    The other thing I noticed is that the player gets more fatigued if you use the blue or red arrows AND OR if you play them out of position. The computer will dock your individual stats as well if you play out of position. I have found the players that have high stats in fitness and arrows will tire at the same rate as players that are regular and lower than the overall stat. I am trying to see if the older players can be helped with higher fitness stats but am having mixed results. For example, they will get gains in training or matches but some with increased fitness gain more. That could be their initial status as 18 yr old fast trainers degrades slower than common players.