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Thread: Fair by Top Eleven

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    Aug 2013

    Fair by Top Eleven

    Guy have two teams in my league even names are same but this is fair .....well not for me, what you think ???

    August 05, 2013 17:12
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    Thank you for contacting us and thank you for reporting this issue!
    We really appreciate your effort to improve the game.

    Do not worry, even if some user finds a way to hack the game or to use some kind of cheat engine his account will be blocked as soon as possible! We are constantly working on this problem!!

    If you are still concerned about this specific user please send us the screenshot of his team (but make sure to capture his name and Facebook photo) and we’ll investigate his account.

    Thank you!

    We wish you a great season!

    Top Eleven Support Team

    Zoe | Customer Support Specialist |

    August 05, 2013 17:27
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    14811_205083409654014_42148093_n.jpg 14811_205083409654014_42148093_n.jpg (quick view)
    1012429_205083299654025_1928421523_n.jpg 1012429_205083299654025_1928421523_n.jpg (quick view)

    August 05, 2013 21:33
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    Thank you for the screenshots.
    We will investigate this further.

    Top Eleven team

    Zoe | Customer Support Specialist |

    August 06, 2013 12:29
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    Hi i just wanna say today these two teams play game so i bet 100£ Steaua win with Steaua FC srsly this aint fun
    Kind Regards
    annoyed customer

    August 07, 2013 12:59
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    Hi again,

    we have checked both of the users and haven't found any problematic situation.
    As far as you play fair, you can establish as many clubs as you want.
    However according to the policy of Facebook it is not allowed to have multiple profiles on Facebook so you can report that to Facebook if you find it inappropriate.

    Enjoy playing Top Eleven!
    Top Eleven

    Zoe | Customer Support Specialist |

    August 07, 2013 15:00
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    so i can create 30 accounts and 30 teams and then its a big chance i will have 3-5 teams in same group and you call it fair...this is really strange

    August 07, 2013 15:43

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    It's fair because anyone can create as many teams as they want on this game and manage as many teams as they want, you could of created multiple accounts if you wished. Nordeus can't do anything about anyone that chooses to have multiple accounts, thats why they allow it.

    P.S. It's against forum rules to display any discussions with a Nordeus Representative.
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    Right I will form 14 teams lol.
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