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Thread: Tokens disappeared

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    Tokens disappeared

    Had around 8T in the account.I bought another 22T from sms and went to buy a player from negotiations.After paying 9T for the player, my account showing 0T )))))) I try to refresh the page(I couldn't believe-maybe it happened to someone else, but it's a first time for me), still the same.
    I went mad for less, from T11 but now it's just funny for me.Funny because I spent more than 500 euro in this game and maybe happened before and didn't notice )
    I already submitted a request, but even if they give me back my tokens this is really crappy.I have to do what?!? print screen every move? in order to keep the tokens I bought intact?
    This really makes me quit.Even if I stop paying for tokens, I would mind the same losing those daily tokens.

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    I have no received tokens since two days ago (i mean free daily tokens) despite of i signed the contract. What is wrong?