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Thread: Value of players in auction

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    Value of players in auction

    Hi, last auction i have bought a player value 3M for 2M. I can trade i think.... but when i find him in my team his value is.... 2.2M. Why? What's happen? If a player value 3ml 2 min before why after 2 mins his value drop down?

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    yes, that is a bit f*cked up. Maybe Nordeus would care to explain, if this is true.....nahhhhhhhhhhhh they dont even explain what constitutes an illegal formation.....or how morale works...or why they still havent fixed the 3 hour in between game fix????

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    try to have a prove. if you see something wrong (screenshot par exemple). i know now it's impossible to give a prove. but i have never see something like this.

    in your case, i think you missed something or simply you 3m is price of an other player that you have mistake to place your bid.
    the minimum value to a 3m player you can get is 2.1m not 2m
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