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Thread: So many questions ...

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    Question So many questions ...

    Hello all,
    I am about a week in the game.
    Already addict and need to check it every hour.

    But, i have so many questions and i hope this forum will help me with answers:
    So lets start:

    1. If i change to a player his nationality, name or number- does it have any effect on him?

    2. Can i sell a player on my own price or i have to stick to the range giving to me?

    3. Is there a benefit to 'sack' a player then just putting him on the reserves?

    4. On the rating each player gets after a game, I see lots of 6,7,8 while in real football game to get 7 is not easy.
    So what consider to be a great rate?

    5. Quality rating- How strong is the difference in 1 quality? (like- 10 to 11)

    6. How the 'moral' is set? what are the reason to decrease in moral and to increase?

    7. The stretching, cardio and practice say to give 10/20/30% skills in average when clicked. is there a special algorithm that defined the skills portion between each player?

    8. What is the best practice? To click all 3 in one time or should I do it one by one?

    9. Skills Auto assign has any "brain" or it is just assigning blindly?


    10. In my league there are players who dont do any change since day 1 (maybe never logged in again) still they win and score many goals while I am trying to upgrade my team all the time and only manage to score 1 or 2 in a game. is this possible?

    11. Is the system updated with latest football tactics? I see teams with 3 strikers which scores lots of goals while in modern football 2 is a lot. and if you ask Barcelona, 1 is too much, better to have 5 Mid fields

    12. Changing formation is advisable or better to keep the same formation? ("if it works, do not try to fix")

    13. What is the benefit in bringing skill progress bar to 100%?

    14. What is gain? and how do i use it?

    That's a lot of questions.
    Now it is your turn expertise.

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    2.70-90% of market value is the starting price
    3.At the start of the game you will need to sack some players because some are too low in Quality that no-one will buy them.
    4.7+ (6 is considered average game)
    5.15 skill points
    6.Moral usually decreases, its just how the game is, you will need to use those blue boosters when some players are low on morale
    7.players age/preset training speed value/players quality, Some younger players are slow trainers, watch out for those.
    8.Only train to around 60% and leave enough condition for players to recover for the next days matches
    9.You can choose where to apply skill points if you wish, auto-assign keeps a balance.
    10.Yes, but normally inactive teams eventually die out and they sink to the bottom of the leagues losing their players when contracts run out
    12.Thats entirely up to you. Some managers believe in countering while others don't
    13.To gain skill points
    14.You gain skill points to increase the players quality, thus making them better players.
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    1.No it does not have any effect on the player or his formation
    2.You have to stick on to the range provided!! there is no other option!!
    3.Hmmm no ..there is absolutely no benefit in sacking a player ...You need to pay a specific amount while sacking a player but sometimes if you have a player who is a burden to a 33 year old player ..then if you want to get rid of him ..the only way is to sack him cause one is gonna buy him in the market!!
    4. Well 7 is a decent rating,8 is really good and most of the time when a player achieves 9 rating then he wins the motm!! 10 is almost impossible!! :P
    5.There is no much difference when you compare teams but if you are comparing players does make a difference cause if you are 1 quality more than your opponent team then it doesnt make a big difference to the result but when it comes to an indivitual it makes a big difference cause you need 15 skill points to gain 1 quality!!
    6.You lose Moral when you lose matches and the when you win matches your morale also increases but not much..better way is to get those blue packs and use it to put your players morale to superb!! Trust me Morale of the team plays a huge part in the teams success!
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