I know there is several post on this topic, but today i wanted to express my frustration on the subject.

First I am level 1, play since December 25 at TE (more than 42 years in real soccer ...lol). I took the team ranked 9th and now I am at first place 7 pts + 30 GA ahead of the second at 3 games from the end of the season ( I should finished first if the game stop with the injuries). I bought tokens for $25 and get some from vds, I read the forum and try to play "smart" no over exhausting players with training and always bring them for the game at 97+ condition and moral......
but the engine surely decided that I did not deserve "my condition" and started to punish me:

yesterday Played against the last team in the ligue, they score 2 goals on the five first mn (even if i have 78% possession at the end) i had to struggle to win 4-2....but get an injury on my best player.
I then played a friendly game and almost same scenario with 2 injuries in the extra time ( i was playing with the second team and player get injured even if they had 75+ condition) 2 players at 5 stars
then on the evening i did a simple cardio ( set on medium) only for the players above 85 condition....and another injury (again on a five star player)....

Today game against a mid team they scored at 2mn and 88mn to tie me at 2-2....and again injury, this tmewith my 6 stars player!!!!!!
I was reluctant to play a friendly game (since I already have 4 players injured) but i did and boost condition of 4 players that already played earlier to have a 97+ condition and morale team.......believe it or not but this #@$%* engine found a way to injured another 5 stars player

I will not do any training untill next game because at that speed I may run out of players....lol

I just finished the stadium and I am building a medical facility with the slight hope that it was just a very bad time and the futur will be brighter

BY the way in real soccer ....I have never see that kind of pattern ( and i played third division in France)

I am very frustrated and have no other choice than using the tokens for medic.........