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Thread: Buy players or save now?

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    Buy players or save now?

    It's 23/28 days of the season now, I have extra cash and token in hand which I could use to bring in some useful additions 5* players to my squad.

    But since it's so late into the season and knowing all my players will drop a star in the next season, should I save up the money/token for next season, or go out and buy? for example I could use a better GK/ML

    Current lvl 2, top of the league (same points with 2nd but winning by better goal difference), in the semis for both champion league and cup.

    Splash or save the cash?
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    Everyone has their own opinion, for me I would say if you are top of the league, why buy? You will only make the cup draw harder. I would make a plan for who I want to replace next season, and start checking the TL minute one.
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    if you do decide to buy, make sure you get players who are only a few skill points from their 6th star.
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