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Thread: What to put in my email to support about not getting tokens?

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    What to put in my email to support about not getting tokens?

    So I recently completed an offer which should give 38 tokens within a 3day waiting period to register then install some software after 15 days you get extra tokens. Never received my tokens have sent 2 emails to support. It took them 3 days to get back to me, second one took them an hour both were rejected. It said in the automated email to attach screenshots of the transaction page / and provide evidence of who the offer is for. (supersonicads)

    First email I sent I posted a pic with the software open. Second email I listened to there advice and sent them a slightly cropped screenshot (0.5mb is nothing when pictures are involved..) it showed the transaction bit and the date but it doesn't show time not sure how to get the time up it also proved it was for supersonic ads.

    Not sure what to put tbh. is it possible that they didn't see my screenshots because they were in word documents but it doesn't say anything about restricting..

    Great customer service always fooken automated bollocks.

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    I never received most part of my tokens, even after send prints and many emails... Best luck for you

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    Write them a love letter instead, it might do the trick ......

    Ps. I've tried many times, but always tend to get their "copy-paste" answers.....