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Thread: Reasons for injuries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hod View Post
    Well, i meant injured while training.
    You are talking about injured while playing.

    I read just minutes ago that a player with lower mentality then his offence/defense may have injuries
    If he is a defense player he should have close or higher mentality compare to his defense skills.
    If he is an attacker he should have close or higher mentality compare to his attacking skillss.
    See if it works for you and let me know, i need it as well.
    There is no way you can avoid injuries. There are only ways to lower the chance of a player to get injured. But this is subject for discussion too. This season i bought an MR With 34 def 45 att and 54 phys/ment. Guess what. 5 days after he gets injured for 6 days. I cure him cause I had an important cup match. 2matches after he got inhured again for 3days... Some ppl say that curing a player severely increases the chances to get more injuries in order to eventually make you use all your cures and then force you to buy more using tokens. So to minimize injuries, refrain from curing them!

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    Also have the best facilities you can, this does help
    Expressed above is my own opinion. Your results may vary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milanobill View Post
    How do you improve your players if you dont train them or have a practice match? THATS the whole point of the bloody game Nordeus

    This season I have had 4 players out injured for 6 days to 12 days at any given time i.e. 1 player returns then 1 gets injured. RIDICULOUS
    Yes, you can train your players daily and most of the time without injuries if you stay above 80%. At least this is what I have experienced and I have several accounts now.

    Train your players to 79% or 84% or 89%, just make sure that it is 1% under what you will recover through resting - the free 5% you get back every 3 hours.

    ex. I have a game at 21:13 and it is 8:22 am. My next rest is in 2hr:07min. That means that I have 4 rests or 20% recovery before the game. so I can train my players down to 79% and they will be ~99% just before the game.

    I find that once they go below 80% and out of the green, they are more susceptible to injury. Others may be able to prove this or disprove it but that is how it affects me in my experience.

    Ask the power trainers. They should know at what % they start to hit more injuries. But unless you power train, it is not in your best interest to go below 75% for the most part and still expect to not spend green packs to recover.

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