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Thread: More nordeous gens on crappy servers.

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    More nordeous gens on crappy servers.

    So there are plenty of people here on a crappy server I literally get 5's at the start and end of a season and then 1 or 2 crappy ones in the morning I also get 1 or 2 4's every now and then and quite a few in the morning.
    Only way I can get trained players then is by scout and I don't have the budget I also don't have the budget to powertrain as my token income as diminished so much.

    I think nordeous should put a few more 5star players on the newer server markets as atleast in older servers you can get good quality 5 star players so your not that far behind token buyers as they can only buy scouts then powertrain^ on my server i can pretty much only get 3's because the better quality players usually are crappy and not the position i want or theres a lot of popularity and due to a smaller token budget this season i have no chance^^.

    I know i can tank but it kinda ruins the fun, why should i tank the season when i stand a good chance of winning (if i get a token buyer i will tank) I have a decent team atm but would prefer to get a few decent 5 stars instead of having to grind young 3stars up.
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    Yes, Nordeus sure knows how to ruin the fun. I am tanking this season because I am in the same position - no 4-5* players, and I dont buy tokens.

    But they seem to have programming issues (I would say "lately" but they have ALWAYS had programming issues) and just cant satisfy anyone. They add meaningless stuff and neglect to program things that would make gameplay more fun, IE scheduling issues and friendlies.

    They need new management to take them in a better direction. They are the Arsenal of fantasy football games = good but not good enough to win anything. Bring in someone who will spend to make the team better.

    Frankly, all this bad management by Nordeus just causes people to create competition, and believe me, when competition happens in this business, it will wipe out T11, because the new app will simply be better. It will take what T11 is, and improve it, while removing the items that make this a bad game....because thats how it always works.

    Plato said: "necessity is the mother of invention".
    It is also said: "frustration is often the mother of invention" (dont know who created that, dont care either)

    In this case, both apply.