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Thread: these semi`s finals are killing me

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    Cool these semi`s finals are killing me

    the other day in the cup semi final i had to turn over a 2-1 home defeat which i some how did thanks to a 90th minute goal for a 2-0 away win and now today with the second leg of the champions away, the home game i drew 1-1 against a 6Q better than me which ment i had a slim hope of an away shock but to honest expecting a lose,

    well true to form they took the lead after 5 mins that stayed until half time this is where i made a couple of subs to go more attacking but in the 59th minute they went 2-0 up, as i was thinking ohh well i got this far i scored in the 60th min so still needed that 2nd goal and to my shock in the 76th minute it`s 2-2, at this point i`m on my knee`s praying no late goal for them and it worked the game ended 2-2 and 3-3 on agg which means i`m through to the champions league for the 3rd season running, the previuos two seasons i`v been runner`s up so is this 3rd time lucky,

    so that`s the cup final and champions league final i`m in and i also have a slim hope for league as i`m 2nd and 5pts behind the leaders who i have away tomorrow as well as the cup final

    so just as well i`m bald and with a busy day i`m getting my clean underwear ready now

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    Thats a great season and I wish you the best of luck in both your finals and the league ( get the Champagne ready )
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    Good luck!
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    I got beaten out of the CL semis in my 35T team thanks to ****ing long-ranged goal in the 68' and away goal rule! ****!