So on Monday, in the 78 min my RESERVE GK gets injured. He was in because I was playing bottom feeder #14 and I won 7-0. This was a 4 day injury. Im thinking "OK its my reserve GK, no worries and dont bother healing since its not worth wasting any red packs". simple enough.

On Wednesday, my MAIN GK get injured in the 81 min in a 4-0 win versus the other bottom feeder, #13. A 4 DAY INJURY AGAIN!

I need one more point to lock in the league winner: ahead 8 pts with only 9 available and I am up in GD by over 30. So one more point in 3 games and 1st place is mine....with both GKs injured.

This is level 3. I have not lost one game in the season and only tied once. I am seriously thinking of not healing both GK and taking my chances. I play the game today, versus bottom feeder #12, and after that, my reserve GK is back in the game for the final 2 games.

I am so tempted to tempt fate and see what happens by just leaving my injured GK in. I know the game will replace him with a healthy player, but I am interested to see who it chooses and what the result will be. OR I can play my best DC in GK and see if that is any better.

What do you think? Should I just cough up the 5 reds and play my reserve GK and ice the league, or should I have some fun?

On the main topic, of GK injuries, I see they still have not fixed the GK replacement issue. My GK in the first game was not immediately replaced, which would happen IMMEDIATELY in a REAL game! in the 78 min, there is still time for the game to do this. And in both games, there were no goals scored by the opposition while my GKs were injured.

Has there been any word on this bug being fixed? And I'm glad it looks like it hasnt been fixed. But seriously, I risk another short vacation for insulting the game developers if I take this any further, and believe me, I want to.