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Thread: Looking for advises before the season ends

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    Question Looking for advises before the season ends

    We are now 2 games before the end of season (I'm in level-1).
    I will finish probably number 2 or 3 and continue to level-2

    What do you advise to do starting now?
    Should i buy players for next season?
    Should i sell players and wait for the next season?
    When should i sell?
    when should i buy?
    Which players should i sell?
    Which players should i buy?
    What about the free agent ones?

    Any answer is appriciated

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    Sell any players you think you might sell at the start of next season before they lose a star & their value drops. Also buy your players on the first day of next season. Gives them plenty of time to gain exp points.

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    Keep in mind the first few days of the season very bad bidding wars. A great time to sell, not so much to buy. I like to pick up the roles I need with young players on the verge of their next star, and hold them there till the next season. The best times are very late at night or very early morning, when less people are on. You might also look for multi-role players that aren't too old. Defenders seem better lasting age wise. Since you get no free token, you have to avoid bidding war, but if you see a player you want "+" him to your favorites and you can see if people are bidding on him.

    Look for free agents throughout the whole season. If you leave one slot free you can get great deals. Play them a few games, if you like their performance, keep. Or sell for profit.

    Anyone at 26 or over should be examined, look at their ratings, and how often have then been injured.

    Look at the ratings and stats, compare your players and see who isn't performing... consider selling anyone other than a keeper that has lots of 5's.
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