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Thread: Better quality youth players?

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    Angry Better quality youth players?

    Level 9 player at Level 7 in the football camp. Nordeus say the better level of football camp the better quality of player comes through, so can anyone explain why, after all this time of receiving a 4 star and a 2 star player today I got a 1 star player? What's the point of upgrading anything? Even my medical facilities at Level 8 haven't reduced my injuries. I have a player just come back after a 12 match injury only to get two players injured, one for 5 matches, one for 7. I'm losing interest in this game that once had me addicted.

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    I did not observe that the quality rises with the level of the facility as well. So maybe that could be fixed in the description.

    Why one should upgrade nonetheless: Upgrading the youth facility reduces the time you have to wait to get youth players. The low quality one (1* or 2*) brings you regularly some fresh money. You invest once (for each update), but you profit from that time on. The expensive is normally only a good investment for power trainers. If you don't plan to do that, invest your tokens elsewhere.

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