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Thread: Season 44

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    Mar 2013
    Can't wait to start AVICI FC now...7 days to go...

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    League Round 20

    Jorge Oscar FC 1-2 United Til I Die

    Jorge Oscar FC 93.4 4-4-1-1 then 3W-4-1-2 - United Til I Die 95.1 4-1-4-1 then 4-5-1V

    Possession was even, they had far more shots on target and the power bar was against us but towards the end of the half Bosch converted a penalty after he was brought down in the box, into the second half I attacked down the flanks and that brought us into the match a little and the power bar shifted in our favor but on the hour they equalized with a header from a corner so I changed formation and went all out attacking and 8 minutes from time we hit them on the counter attack when Herrera found himself one on one with the keeper and picked his spot to give us a priceless victory.

    Goals: Bosch Pen (43), Adofo (59), Herrera (82) MOTM: Cardoso

    Team Talk: A good performance against the form team in the division and a really tough match and after they had equalized we pushed for the win and got it towards the end. A special thanks to dv8r for help with formation
    F.C. United
    League Won 11
    League Runner up 4
    Cup Won 3
    Cup Finalist 3
    Champions League Won 5
    Champions League Finalist 9

    Season 23 Level 23

    United Til I Die
    League Won 12
    League Runner Up 4
    Champions League Won 2
    Champions League Finalist 7
    Cups Won 1
    Cup Finalist 2

    Season 32 Level 27 (Retired)

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    Freaking troll 1-2 lost??? WTF is this ****??? What I will really do for the rest of the season is collecting Ts for the jerseys of AVICI FC next season.



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    AEPRE FC 35 - Players from Season 1-3
    Season 1
    Rusen Arat
    Casper Jensen
    Yakup Yenisehir
    Albert Bilbao
    Henry Vorm
    Abdullah Duman (RIP)
    Pramote Nisoknilkul
    Ryan Fisher
    Osvaldo da Costa
    Jose Solano
    Mike Farber
    Jeroen El Addouly
    Jorge Quintana
    Edvard Hjelmtvedt
    Yann Mendy
    David Cortes
    Oinatz Gisasola
    Luis Granados
    Leonardo Fernandez
    Chuck Norris
    Marcin Karwan
    Tommy Stokes
    Alexander Angulo
    Jose Lara
    Season 2
    Toni Wolf
    Patrick Jensen
    Parfait Vrolix
    Julius Deufel
    Mohamed Mohammed
    Josu Quinones
    Matthias Muller
    Sebastian Sommer
    Abbas Abdul-Wahid
    Michele Gashi
    Stacey Papaleo
    Season 3
    Zlatko Bizic
    Scott Viscariello
    Abdullah Avicii
    Alejandro Cabrera
    Michael Niklas
    Ricardo Lourenco
    Lorenzo Imbiaco

    R.I.P Abdullah Duman Season 18-Season 44
    You'll always be our legend.

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    League Round 20 - League Champions

    July Fourth 4-2 SFC
    July Fourth League Champions!!!

    July Fourth 136.5 3N-4-1-2 - SFC 129.1 4-4-2 Classic

    Our task today was to end the wait for winning the league title with as many as 6 games remaining of the season, but we didn't make it look easy, We did take the lead early when we won a corner with Petersen crossing it in for Pietropaolo to header us infront, but Pietropaolo undid his efforts by giving away a penalty in which Ettorre sent the keeper the wrong way to equalise, It didn't take too long for us to regain the lead through Miku's long distance shot, Papaleo had another effort for us blocked just before HT, Beckett just after the restart managed to beat the SFC defence and really should of scored, but however his long distance effort a minute later found the back of the net, we were now on our way to wrapping up our 21st league title and Beckett made certain off this with scoring a free-kick midway through the 2nd half, Lenoil gave away yet another penalty and Ettorre scored it for a late consolation for SFC, but this didn't stop July Fourth getting the win they needed to wrap up the league title.

    Goals: Pietropaolo (11) Ettorre (16 PEN,87 PEN) Miku (27) Beckett (51,67) MOTM: Beckett.

    Team Talk: Thats the league title won, now it remains to see if we can finish the league season undefeated once again.
    *Retired From Top Eleven*

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    League - Round 20
    Chester FC (55.3) 3-0 OSK FC (46.0)
    4-1-2-1-2 ND / 4-4-2 Classic vs 4-4-2 Classic
    First match: 2-1 for OSK FC

    In first half we wanted see how works ND vs Classic, effect was bad, very bad, but was 1-0. Second half we started 4-4-2 Classic and game was better, after 60' dominated only one team, we scored goals in 73' and 74', but shots and on target was definitely more than in first half.

    League - Round 21 - Preview
    antisteaua (46.5) vs Chester FC (55.3)
    3W-1-4-2 vs 4-1-2-1-2 ND
    First match: 2-0 for CFC

    CL - 1/2 - First leg - Preview
    Chester FC (55.3) vs Sercan FC (52.7)
    4-5-1 V-Style vs 4-1-3N-2

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    Sep 2013
    Thrill after the Troll

    After the huge troll suffered in the CL which anyways took us to the semifinals, today we had a thrilling double confrontation with the matches being held at 16:05 and 16:20 (League and Cup). Many thanks to Nordeus for "fixing times" as they promised now long ago. Anyways, after a 1-4 Win in the League match we attended a harsh enounter for the Cup semifinals. We manage to sub our main team in and clicked on confirm at 4 minutes to go. What happene then is that we finally let the opponents know what our worth is:

    We paid another high tribute as in the CL match, with Vives being out 5 days for injury as well as our 6* 18yo DL injured in CL will be. On the bright side, we can say we're in the finals. Would we win tomorrow's CL semifinal this way, we'd be 11 points clear in the league and in both competition's Finals, aiming for the triple
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    New Team is going for the 26-0-0 and the record for the gap difference. Tomorrow they play against Baku Storm.

    New Team has been banned and I am posting on his behalf.
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    Season 15 - Level 15

    League Winners (14) - Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    26-0-0 league (4) - Levels 3, 4, 7 & 8
    Undefeated in league (11) - Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14
    Cup winners (2) - Level 1 & 14
    Cup 3rd place (1) - Level 12
    Champions League Winners (10) - Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    Champions League Runners up(1) - Level 9

    >My team<

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    Quote Originally Posted by dv8r View Post

    New Team is going for the 26-0-0 and the record for the gap difference. Tomorrow they play against Baku Storm.

    New Team has been banned and I am posting on his behalf.
    is Morgan banned and for what reason ?
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    Well I knew that sooner or later I had to make a mistake: