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Thread: Unfair in top eleven arrangement!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marikitacaritoken View Post
    make it a challenge!!
    make it a challenge? Just tank the season. Horrible management from nordeus. I would rather they fill the league with bots for your level if there are not enough real teams for your level. That way you dont play in leagues 1-2 levels below your own. Who the hell is running this game????
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    both the team of us still unbeaten in the league..but the gol for/gol against of that 28 level team is 26/0 after 5 match

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    I have the same problem, they put me in a league with some rich guy, and all his players have red starrs. I know he is unbeatbable, just lost 1-5 to him and he has almost all of Lebanon supporting him. Same last season, with 3 matches to go I needed 1 point to be champion, but you guessed it, I lost all my matches (against low teams), and he won everything the last 3 games. So Nordeus, once again thank you for screwing me over. I know for sure he will be 26-0 this year with 8 goals conceeded. And he is also in the CL and cup, so we all know who will win it...
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    Tanking is the strategy, be it you find yourself in a league with an unstoppable T buyer, or you have neared the top of the server.

    How do you think Braunschweig feels playing Munich? It's a game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simleonghong View Post
    Unfair in my league encounter a twenty-eight level team although the manager level is twenty-six!Dear all players do your guys have encountered a similar problem before?Hope the Nordeus can give me a good explanation
    Do you mean that you are manager level 26, and he is level 28? If so, can you tell us what manager level the other 12 teams are.

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