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Thread: lv 12 and lv 13 join in the same league...!!!

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    lv 12 and lv 13 join in the same league...!!!

    i have check my friend league, and i got this fact is team level 12 join league level 13. and wow.. i can't believe, only 2 teams level 13 and other level 12 in league level 13. Screenshot by Lightshot

    you can check that picture. i do't lie. so admin top eleven, maybe check again of team database from this league.

    thanks before

    lv 12 and lv 13 join in the same league...!!!-klklk.jpg

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    From the wiki:

    "Manager Level

    The Manager Level represents the manager's experience and success. Whenever a manager ends the League between (and including) 1st and 7th place, he advances one level. Advancing a level usually puts the manager against more demanding opponents and sets higher standards for players. It is possible for managers of different levels to play against each other. Being a lower level manager paired up against higher level managers doesn’t necessarily give a disadvantage, as opponents are also paired up based on quality. "
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