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Thread: A quick Q for those who PT

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    A quick Q for those who PT

    Ok, so I have decided Cage FC need no more by way of incoming players. I want to make the best of the ones I got. I have a set of 21 players [ok, I may buy one more :P ] that range from Q45 to Q54. I want all players who are currently Q49 or Q54 to level up. Should I simply concentrate on them for now? let the others rest? Should I be off-loading more of those Q45 players? How do you go about your PT? Do you dump a lot of green onto the ones who need itfor level up only? and rest the ones who have no chance to level up? or do them alongside, so they gain slowly too? like I have been trying?

    Basically, what are your top priorities when power training? If I'm done buying scouts, I may as well spend the left over T on green packs, right? How often do you PT? is the risk of injury greater the more you do?

    Thanks, any other tips welcome on top.
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    Your looking at power training your fastest trainers at the closest to 6* or 7* if they are scouts. No point wasting too much time power training a slow trainer or a low quality player if you know that they are going to use over 100 greens before you get anywhere over 6* quality. If your training for any new roles and SA then you need to do that first before training for quality.
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    I agree with July fourth.

    There's no point power training slow improver's/trainers. Concentrate on players close to the level of star rating your aiming to improve them too and allow the rest of your squad to improve naturally from games and normal training.

    I took the exact same decision as you have with my squad, last season, and stopped looking to buy players and just improve the fantastic squad I had assembled over previous 3 seasons. So far i have stared up three players 5-6* in the first week and I have got another 5 waiting to move up to 6* some time this week. All achieved through rigorous training schedules and using green packs to recondition my players before and after training. Purely buying new scout players every season is just to expensive and with no guarantees with getting the players you want or need. As the scouting lists are so bad and negotiations are all but a useless exercise for transferring players.

    Personally I think its the only way to play the game. If you look to improve by investing in tokens each and every season it will cost silly amounts of money to stay competitive every season. Basically i Invest every 3 seasons and improve the the players purchased in the 2 seasons in between.