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    Default Teams

    Thought I'd put this in general discussions as I was getting no response from the suggestions forum.

    What do you think?

    This may have already been suggested, not sure.

    So anyway, I had 2 games only 15 minutes apart once again yesterday and I thought it would be good to have the option to store default team line ups.

    I currently have 2 complete teams in my squad, 1 for the league and the other for the CL and cup. If I had the option to save each team line up then they would be just 1 click away from being set up instead of sweating frantically trying to get ready for the next game.
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    or better yet, locking a team - formation and players into a game and opening up the second game and locking in the formation and players, you would not even have to log in to change the formations/players between games.

    So in your case, you log in in the morning, click on the first game in your schedule and set the players and formation and save it, then click on the second game in the schedule and set the players and formation and save it. that way you can be assured of your formation and such and not have to worry.

    All you have to worry about is the condition, morale and injuries. But that is what you have the alternates screen for. If you dont make the changes before each game, the NGE uses your alternates list, which we use already, and subs in the appropriate players. So you dont add to the morale or condition, but who cares, at least you are using the players in the formation you want and there is no mad scramble between games to do so.

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