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Thread: Season 36

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    Quote Originally Posted by PricopGeorgeCătălin View Post
    I will give you an premium emblem (30 tokens) and you will send me an iPhone, what do you say? _
    I'm sorry, I've already the premium that I wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar Wie View Post
    I'm sorry, I've already the premium that I wanted.
    Then I will send you something what you don't want ) just send me your iPhone, its a fair deal
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    To conclude this season:

    Won the League title in the most dramatic of fashions: I was one point ahead of my opponent and the last game was against him. He had already beaten me in out first encounter and it's been a tough race all around the season, with the two of us swapping first and second place several times. It wasn't the first time I won the title in my last game, it's actually my third, but considering the circumstances that was one of the thoughest games I had to play in the game so far. Had a 2-0 advantage in the 47th minute, but he might have gotten that back if not for a tactical error: he chose to go 4-1-2-1-2 on me, leaving me with the flanks open, which is where I have my best players, so I just changed their arrows from blue to red, took out my AMC and brought in another MC, set him up defensively. Dominated the rest of the game, didn't score, but managed to win. Some pics:
    Attachment 1901Attachment 1902Attachment 1903Attachment 1904

    Overall, the toughest league so far, almost every player active, even the guy in the last place watched some of his games. A friend of mine won his league title with a goal in the last minute of the last season game, a la Manchester City style, but I think I came really close to that with this last game.

    Stats so far: 9th League title out of 9

    Also managed to win the cup, also in a dramatic fashion, in a game against a friend of mine, actually the guy who showed me the game in the first place. It was our fourth Cup final against each other, and so far the score is 3 for me, one for him. Like last season, won it at penalty shoot-outs, I have to say I was rather lucky some of his key-players were unavailable:
    Attachment 1905

    Stats so far: 5 CUPS and 2 finals lost

    Nada in the C.L. this season, which was a dissapointment after last season's win. I got out of the race unceremoniously in the 1/8 stage after two draws 0-0 and 2-2 against an opponent of roughly the same quality as me.

    Stats so far: 2 CL titles + 3 consecutive lost finals as a bonus

    Best of luck to all of you in the next season.
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    took me four seasons, but I finally won the treble.

    I am guessing things are going to start getting a little harder from now on...