5 of my key players were injuried, and it cost me massively. Loosing first in the league, dropping to 3rd in my cl, and loosing games constantly. All 5 players returned, and the team just dont seem the same. At the start of my season they were all 8-9 rating, and i was bascially steamrolling anybody i came across. Recently i played 2 teams, neither manager was present, my formation should of countered, my team was better on paper. I had 67% possession 24 shots on target, and converted 0. The opponent had 11 shots on target, and converted 3 to demolish me 0-3 ( I was at home )

So my question is, after a player returns from injury can it affect his perfomances? Since its not just my ST, its my entire team. I played a guy in my cl group. And None of my 5 key players got above a 5 rating. The cant seem to break anybody down.