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Thread: Lose every match !? Need tips.

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    Question Lose every match !? Need tips.

    Hey guys, I have a big problem.

    In this season I lose so often against teams which are worse in quality and its not about the formation, often I have the same setup. I have an scout team with good special abilities.

    My arrows and orders are the same as last season and nothing really special.

    I tried to switch from 4-5-1V to 4-4-2 classic but my ML and MR perform so badly (4-5-6) that I lose against same matchups.

    I have the best team in my league and have 6-0-3 stats. (Rang 5) -.-"
    Lose Cup in the first round because of corner kicks and freekicks with more ball possession, shots ...

    I'm totally desperate.

    Any tipps? Does it have something to do with the break-in period of new players? or the new game engine?

    Thanks a lot.

    - Max. Pricemoney, Fitness and Moral every match.
    - I read the topics and know the basics about this game. I try to counter the opponent formations with informations from this forum, but it doesnt work well for me atm.
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