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Thread: Negotiations

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    Hey so I'm sure by now the lvl 4 + players are used to these questions at the start of a new season but here goes.

    So I'm lvl 4 now and I'm looking at new signings etc, I see a list of players under negotiations with their minimum token bid. I read some older forum posts explaining that if the min bid is for example 9 and i bid as an example just 1 token and win then it will cost me 2 x 1 + 9 = 11 tokens total with the seller receiving .......actually i don't understand

    Also where are the players i see on my list from? Why are they all 39 rated i simply don't quite get this yet so any help to explain and help me understand the process would be appreciated. I thought that the process would begin with an offer from a buyer so why are these players on this list? I don't see any option to place one of my players on such a list.

    EDIT > Ok so i just found the slider and that takes care of how many tokens it will cost etc so no need to explain that part. Still unsure about where the players on the list are from though?
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    They added only players who are just 1 point away from 6 stars so they can set a fair price. If there will be players like "fresh" 5 stars, their price should be 2,3 tokens and ofcourse they won't agree with that.

    And yes if the basic price is 10 tokens, if you want to offer more, 1 token will go to seller and one will go to Nordeus, if the price will be 10 tokens and you want to add more the price is jumping from 2 to 2, 10-12-14 and so far.
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