Can I ask a few questions here and hope the experienced and learned players can help a newbie to T11FM.

As a manager in League 2, after 1-2 month, I still am confused as to the direction that I want to take the club.
Ground rules set are:
Never buy tokens.
Never sell a player if can financially afford to give him a free transfer
Always buy first before selling.
Never use red booster ( unless really really have to and am able to with the debate against and with myself )

Direction and advice required from those that have travelled the seasons
Built a squad of 22 players to the sameish grade levels and use that as platform to strengthen squad .( Yes / No/Why)
Sell weaker squad players and replace with stronger younger player in same position. ( Yes / No/Why)
Sell superstars ( those that develop faster in level and price) to buy squad players. ( Yes / No/Why)

Is the aim to get league promotion with a squad of 22players or advance/focus in cup games with the Top 14players.
I do not expect to win the League nor cups because it is easier to buy higher level players with lots of tokens and have an “unbeatable team”.
I do expect to be beaten by teams on a lower average grading in league and cup games.

Thanks, in advance, for any advice or critisisim

I love this game.. Well done to developers, players(gamers) and posters to forum