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Thread: Winning the league?

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    Winning the league?

    Are there any rewards for winning the league, other than the prize money? Such as players getting extra skill points, or getting a few red or green points? As far a I can see now, the only difference between winning the league, and finishing third, is 150k, for a level two manager. While winning the league is nice, I prefer the hard cash the Champions League and the League Cup bring. So as long as I finish in the top 4, would it not be better to send my best players out when playing CL- and cup-matches, and save the secondary players for the league? Does winning the league get more worthwhile, with regard to cash and compared to the CL and the cup, on higher levels?

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    Jack now that makes €€€£££¥¥¥¥$$$and cents.
    I have been doing that this season, also season two and trying to build a balanced squad. Two teams , three competitions....caarr ching...sounds like the cash register.
    Make fourth to quafily for next season CL, cup and promo