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Thread: why cant my strikers score!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiriakos Zagliveris View Post
    well my friend
    Its the games way to make you buy tokens
    I didnt buy tokens this and the previous year and despite that I have the better team by far in my league I have 7 ties and 2 lost games......
    I am level 10 by the way
    All my players are 5 stars and I have 2 with 1 golden.
    Maybe they want me to go....
    I will not continue a game that is not fair....
    I can not spend my money and my time to loose the championship from lower players.....
    That is a good point you raised. i'm loosing drastically this season to teams having star rating lower than me. I've tried many formations which worked as a charm for me in past. My players are getting injured more often and for longer periods. Since last two seasons i couldn't score large number of goals in a match which i did frequently in past.

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    Stars don't tell you the condition of the players.

    There are hidden variables in all players that decides performance, thus players have slump periods you'd better bench them during that, no matter the quality, a player getting low rating will undermine the team as a whole.

    A particular severe slump can last up to 2 whole seasons, although most are light and it only last for a few days or a week.

    ST failing to score may not be directly caused by their own form, but the midfield failing may exhaust them in the defense causing offensive performance to plummet.
    If your midfielders are doing well while ST/AM not, bench those.

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    They might be 5* but take a look at the attacking stats. I have players who are 4* but in their position are very strong, so for an attacker train for attacking only and remove physical and defensive training. Also rotate strikers- if they don't score for a few games, bench them to see if helps then reintroduce if sub striker doesn't work. Next up, don't forget to train your players between games if schedule allows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khorasan Khan View Post
    i have 2 x 5 star strikers, every match i have 65+ possession (min), create many chances, but my strikers which are much better that the opponent strikers, but they just cant score? im gettin quite irate at this , as i dominate matches but yet only get a draw, or maybe just about win. and lose the occasional match. i dont mind if its a one off thing but near enough every game its the samwe. it can tbe formation as i have many more chances that opponent every game and dominate from start to finish, yet the opponent 2-3 star $hitty players and gk save everything.

    any ideas, or it is just a bug?

    p.s i am level one manager and have recently started playin, im coming to end of season, and my strikers are letting me down in crucial games. strikers are always on suprb morale and full fitness.
    any guidance will be much appreciated,
    Do you have a winning bonus provided?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdw View Post
    And you're complain of something ?
    No it's irony.

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    Some strikers are simply not good at scoring even if they have good ratings. They may contribute in other ways.

    If I feel uncomfortable about my low scoring strikers, my solution is replacing. But if my team perform well, scoring burdens should have been taken by other players. Then replacement may not be necessary.

    High quality players are not necessarily well performing players. But they have higher chances to sustain good performance even after the team promote.

    For short term team success, the immediate task is searching for well performing and consistent players, not high quality players. This game is not simply comparing team average qualities.

    In some cases, players need time to settle or need adequate formation to perform. You may need to be patient and test them.

    For example, my most important striker in my now L20 team have played 48 matches and scored 25 goals in first 2 seasons. However, as I remember, in the first season, he just playerd 9 or 10 matches and scored 1 goal. He is now 26 years old. He is obviously the big brother within this team as the team have no other player who is older than 23 years old in last 5 or 6 seasons except this striker.
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    Same case here. My highest scoring striker (4* at your level... I'm level 3) has scored only 5 goals in 12 matches, but everyone in my squad has scored, barring the goalkeeper. So maybe the strikers won't score, but if you put up arrows on the wingers and wingbacks they will atleast have an assist. I pretty much always attack down both flanks, the strategy changes if you play through the middle.

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